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The National Catheter Education Programme is a Health Education England funded initiative that is working to improve the care of patients with indwelling, urethral and supra-pubic catheters. We offer interactive, educational training sessions to multi-professional audiences. 

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Our main aims:

  • To improve staff knowledge and confidence in dealing with catheters within acute, emergency services and community settings


  • To inform the optimisation of catheter management pathways and processes throughout the NHS

As a programme we are continually learning from your perspectives on the real-life practicalities of caring for people with catheters. Working with commissioners and providers, the programme is informing catheter care across the system. 

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We are a friendly team of health care professionals with a wealth of experience. This helps us provide a multi-professional view on catheters and share first-hand experience in dealing with the problems that clinicians and patients frequently come up against.
Developed at St. Peter's Hospital in Chertsey, we are currently focused on supporting organisations in North West Surrey and developing the programme in the Surrey Heartlands area. Our ultimate goal is to champion best practice nationally through our support network.

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